Latest drought status

The dry spell this April continues. This is a map of the current drought status across the southeast of IONA and the near continent as of 06 UTC this morning. The number of days since any rain (of 0.2 mm or more which define an absolute drought) are on the increase again since last weeks splash of rain. I still find it hard to believe the 23 days from St James Park, perhaps a spider as decided to build its web in the tipping bucket mechanism, which is what I would occasionally find happened with my Vantage Pro weather station.

6 thoughts on “Latest drought status”

  1. I think the SJP figure is correct. They just missed out on the pptn (snow) that fell 6 days ago – that was measurable over west London then weakened. I had 0.6mm then, nothing else since 26th March.

  2. You make a good point Anonymous. Plymouth Mt Batten have recorded quite a few days with ‘traces’.
    On those days my rain gauge in Wembury a few kilometres away has been bone dry.

  3. I would be on 23 days if it wasn’t for 2 showers (total 0.6mm), so I think St James Park figure is very possible.

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