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There certainly will be a spell of southwesterly gales running in the Eastern English Channel on Wednesday that may well produce an hour or two of coastal gales along the Kent coast, that’s if this latest forecast from the ECMWF is to be believed. I should imagine that the UKMO will probably sit tight and not issue warnings for storm Barbara as she rushes northeastward into the German Bight, but I could be wrong. Just as strong will be the N’NE winds across the Outer Hebrides at the same time.


I should have realised that the Great Oz could and would issue a surreptitious strong wind/gale warning that was wrapped up in a craftily worded yellow warning for heavy rain! The UKMO are obviously taking no chances with storm Barbara in light of what happened once way back in October 1987, which occurred in a not too dissimilar a situation back then.

Courtesy of UKMO
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