Latest on the Halloween Storm

0900 UTC

Pressure is falling like the clappers across western Scotland with gusts in the last hour at South Uist of 67 mph. You don’t often see a barograph trace as steep as that with pressure falls of 13 hPa in the last three hours or so. I think it’s safe to assume that the low did and still is undergoing explosive cyclogenesis (24 hPa in 24 hours). Over Ireland maximum the maximum gusts so far have been limited to 60 mph at coastal sites, and it looks like the orange alert. It will be interesting to see if the Great OZ updates the yellow wind warning at 10 UTC, but I doubt that will happen. I still think it should have been extended yesterday both in area and validity time (00 UTC) to cover the Northern Isles.

0930 UTC

The ICON model is forecasting gusts of 79 knots at 15 UTC across the Hebrides.

1000 UTC

A gust of 65 knots, that’s 75 mph at South Uist at 10 UTC and the Great Oz has still not blinked! There could be higher gusts to come when the wind veers westerly later on. If this were happening along the Sussex coast at the moment this would already be an amber warning, but of course it’s not is it, because in the wacky logic of impact based warnings lives in Scotland are so much cheaper than they are down in Hove.

1100 UTC

A gust to 66 knots that 76 mph at 11 UTC at South Uist as the winds there veer into the southwest – I’m sure that was the observations in that part of the world were made on the island of Benbecula years ago. A gust of 69 mph at Belmullet that more or less justifies the orange alert from Met Eireann.

1200 UTC

Looks like the wind has taken out the weather radar at Druim ‘a Starraig on the Isle of Lewis in the last hour. But not to worry though, because it’s only a yellow warning, so the effects of the impacts will only be minor.

I never realised that the weather radar there effectively sat on an Island connected by a causeway.

A gust of 76 mph at Altnaharra at 12 UTC on what’s turned into a mild and sunny afternoon. Altnaharra in Sutherland is MILES from the coast, Storm Aiden surely meritted an amber warning for the Highlands and islands for today.

13 UTC

A gust to 80 mph at Malin Head and another of 60 knots at Altnaharra. Temperatures of 16°C just ahead of the cold front make the Northeast of Scotland the warmest place in IONA. In Easter Ross the cold front whizzed through in less than 15 minutes,

14 UTC

A gust to 69 knots at Altnaharra at 14 UTC, that’s just shy of 80 mph, and still the Met Office won’t budge on updating their yellow warning. Altnaharra is well out of their yellow warning area and the gusts are in excess of the 75 mph they said may occur across the ‘Western Isles’. This is a really poor show from the Met Office who seem to have little regard for following their own warning protocol let alone caring for the people who live up here. Higher gusts may still be to come especially across the Northern Isles later, which like Sutherland has no strong warning in force either.

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