Layered warnings for snow and heavy rain

Courtesy of UKMO

I wonder what Joe Public will make of this plethora of yellow warnings from the Met Office? The latest issued at 1529 UTC is for heavy rain for the period 0600 to 2359 UTC tomorrow and never mentions snow, the other one for snow was updated and revised at 1113 UTC is valid from tonight at 2200, till 0900 UTC tomorrow. It’s strange that this latest yellow warning for heavy rain does not mention the increased risk of flooding from the melting of the 10 to 20 cm of snow that’s expected to fall on higher ground mentioned in the snow warning? It’s logical to expect looking at latest ARPEGE NWP model that snow will continue to accumulate on higher ground. Yes it’s turns milder, and snow on lower ground will turn to rain, but on the highest ground these forecast large accumulations of 50 to 75 mm, combined with strong winds will produce blizzard conditions over the Grampian mountains as their mountain forecast states. I think what feels odd about this latest warning for heavy rain should dovetail with the earlier one for snow and it doesn’t.

Courtesy of
Mountain Weather Forecast
Courtesy UKMO
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