Less that seven weeks before nights start drawing in!

It is a sobering fact but it’s less than seven weeks before the summer solstice and the nights start drawing in again! In this part of the world although spring has arrived and the daffodils are out, I can honestly say I have not felt as if the air has been anywhere close to being described as mild, let alone warm so far this year. Obviously the cold winter we had up until the middle of February, and then the frosty and snowy April have had a lot to do with it, but I am sure that the two lockdowns over the past year have contributed to the almost claustrophobic feel of things.

2 thoughts on “Less that seven weeks before nights start drawing in!”

  1. 1saveenergy

    Well, you’re a right Job’s comforter !!

    There I was dreaming of some global warming turning our garden into a Mediterranean Garden of Eden, while the boiling oceans cooked the fish for me to net out & solar panels will be producing so much power they’ll be driving all the wind turbines as fans to give a gentle breeze. Then you come along with your facts & figures & spoil the dream.

    Next you’ll be telling us the Arctic has more ice than 2017 & the Antarctic has more sea ice than the 1981-2010 average.


    1. I think the world entered the twilight zone when the planes flew into the twin towers in 2001.
      Then came the bankers crash in 2008.
      Then came the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020-21
      Who knows what would happen if global temperatures continued to fall back (as they currently are) in the years to come despite CO2 levels continuing to rise?

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