Low Eugen – precipitation accumulations

Estimated accumulations from Weather Radar

There wasn’t a yellow warning issued by the Met Office for heavy rain from low Eugen, but I think that there should have been, not so much for the high totals across Wales, but if these estimates are correct for the totals in excess of 80 mm to the northeast of Glasgow which extend across into Fife. In fact at a quick glance these estimates of mine look pretty accurate again. Unfortunately the dry spell continues along the south coast of England with generally small amounts of rain here once again, although they may see a little more rain on Thursday and the weekend.

Across higher parts of Scotland it didn’t just fall as rain as this webcam picture this morning from the ski slopes of Glencoe shows.

Courtesy of Winterhighland

In the whacky politics of ‘named storms’, a coupled warning for both rain and strong wind has a high probability of being a named storm, and I am sure that if this were the Netherlands, low Eugen (which was twice the storm low Darcy was) would have stood a very good chance of being named.

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