Low Marco heralds cold end to May

850 hPa temperature anomalies
Courtesy wxcharts.com

I have been looking into my crystal ball (aka the Hires ECMWF model) and I foresee that low Marco on Thursday heralds a resurgence of the cold weather to bring the month of May to a close, that’s because a cold northerly will follow in its wake over the weekend (Saturday), before another shallower low (Monday) slowly meanders eastward across the country early next week. Behind that second low, pressure will build to the northwest again and an anticyclonic northerly type should just about see the month out. Let’s hope a change of month might for once does mean a change to some less cold weather in June because by then it’ll be just three weeks to the solstice.

7 thoughts on “Low Marco heralds cold end to May”

  1. Strange stuff this global warming ( a bit Alice in wonderland’ish ), temperatures do their own thing, oblivious to any CO2 rise

    When will people realise that Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is not the ‘climate control knob’ … water is.

    Because CO2 is a good re-radiative gas, It has no ozone depletion potential and insignificant global warming potential, it is widely used as a safe refrigerant ( R744) with High refrigeration capacity.
    It also moves surface heat to the upper atmosphere efficiently, by both radiation & convection.

    1. Temperatures seem to be doing that at the moment.
      It’s difficult to convince the average Joe that ‘global heating’ as they like to call it is in runaway mode when temperatures have dropped back to 2015 levels at the moment.
      I would love to see if any of the sophisticated climate models picked up on this and forecast it happening.
      I’m still waiting for the temperature data for February, March and April to be released from the new HadCRUTv5 series which would underline that slide.
      Why no on has picked up on this in social media is very odd.

  2. Even the Premier League Champions sometimes lose. People like ‘1 save’ would be saying a single lost game means the champions are about to be relegated!

    1. For global temperatures to reach +1.5°C higher than in pre-industrial times, every month needs to exceed the one in the year before, and that’s a massive sustained rise which is just not happening at the moment. The reason for the slide in temperatures is no doubt being explained away with phrases such as ‘natural variability’ and ‘La Nina’. It’s going to be another fascinating year watching what global temperatures are doing.

  3. Anyone would think that 1SAVEENERGY had discovered something nobody else had thought of 🙂
    If you look at any of the temperature series then they all display the same “shark tooth” characteristics – a background rise with things like the ENSO cycle, solar cycle, and natural variability superimposed. So I personally don’t see anything significant in the ups/downs of the graph currently.

    1. Your comment doesn’t surprise me in the slightest.
      But what does surprise me is how weak the signal for AGW is at the moment when compared to the ENSO cycle, solar cycle, and natural variability that you mention.

  4. For 30 ish yrs we’ve been told (by IPCC ‘ex-spurts’ using GIGO muddle models) that global temperature closely followed CO2, yet a quick look at long term untampered data shows that to be untrue.

    Galway 1895-2017 (no UIH effect) http://8.hikb.at/charts/average-temperature-june/galway-average-temperature-june.png
    [Cant find the one for Valencia met-station showing trend line]

    And from the opposite side of the globe –
    Sydney’s Observatory Hill Park and go back to 1859. – (some UIH effect)

    The 100yr mean temperature trend for five countries in South-East Asia –

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