Low Victoria, storm Dennis and the lowest pressure on record

The latest model charts show forecast gradients across the country for Storm Dennis remain broadly similar to those of yesterday. Low Victoria, the low responsible for the severe southwesterly gales on Saturday, is expected to be very deep indeed. I don’t think Low Victoria will get quite as deep as the all time record low for the North Atlantic, which according to Stephen Burt was between 912 and 915 hPa and occurred on the 10th of January 1993, but it won’t be far off either, looking at the latest model runs. It’s been quite interesting winter as far as pressure is concerned, as recently as the 20th of January we saw pressures as high as 1050 hPa across southern parts of the country, and now there’s the possibility of a low in the central Atlantic with a central pressure of less than 930 hPa.


I got the name of Saturday’s deep low Uta wrong from the Institute of Meteorology in Berlin, and have now corrected it to Victoria on Thursday which sound much more British.

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