March 2020 temperatures – northern hemisphere 120W – 60E

March 2020 temperature Anomalies

The very large positive anomalies of the last few months have now finally subsided a little across Europe, but anomalies in March were still high, especially across eastern Europe, Scandinavia (+3°C) and Russia (+5 to +7°C). The central Atlantic is still holding out as a bastion of cold air with anomalies as low as -2°C. Much of the southeast of the United States saw a very mild end to the Winter with +4°C anomalies, but it was colder across Canada, particularly in the midwest (-3°C).

This is a thermograph of 6 hourly temperatures for somewhere in Finland (62.5N 25E) for the last year. I forgot I had written this functionality into my Reanalysis Global Temperature program, and realise now that I should have used it before now to show how exceptionally mild this winter has been there. I reckon there is definitely something going on with the climate don’t you?

Somewhere in Finland
3 April 2019 – 2 April 2020
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