March 2021 – Mean pressure & anomalies

Mean sea level pressure was over 7 hPa higher than average to the southwest of IONA on March. This anomaly dominated the chart for the eastern Atlantic. This anomaly was a reflection of the the anticyclonic nature of the month across France and southern areas. As a result the gradient was a little tighter across northern parts, with a W’SW flow that extended in an arc from north of the Azores across Scandinavia and into central Russia, and is why March ended milder in the north and very much milder across Scandinavia. As I’ve mentioned before in charts of anomalies and mean values for periods as long as a month sometimes two opposing types cancel each other out, so here’s a look pack at the pentad values of mean pressure since the end of January. There are points available for the first team to spot the cold spell and the rapid switch back to very mild.

2 thoughts on “March 2021 – Mean pressure & anomalies”

  1. “cold spell and the rapid switch back to very mild”
    07:30, -1°C frost thick fog ( vis ~ 50yds)
    11:30, 8.5°C (you can see for miles)
    12:30, 10.2°C (will have lunch in the garden)
    So in 5 hrs we’ve had 11°C of global warming (& we’re not dead yet !!)

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