March warmer than April 2021

Gridded climate data courtesy UKMO

I noticed that temperatures both nationally and regionally across the entire UK in March 2021 were higher than those of April, but only with regard to mean minimum temperature and not for mean maximum. I had to write some code to explore how often this has occurred since 1884 in the UK and found that at least for March and April it happens fairly regularly to some degree (pardon the pun). Some years, as in 1929 all maximum temperatures were higher, and in some years as in 2021 all minimum temperatures were higher in March, and occasionally in some exceptional years as in 2012 nearly, but not quite all minimum and maximum temperatures in the preceding month of March were higher than those in April. Of course it could be that March had been an exceptionally mild month, or it could be that April had been exceptionally cold.

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