Maximum sun

Six stations across the north of Scotland reported what I believe was maximum sunshine for the 18th of April this mornings 06 UTC SYNOPs. Some sunshine recorders are not in the optimum location to catch the earliest or the latest sunshines because of restrictions on their horizons. That was always the case at Kinloss because of local topography. It’s never going to be possible to record sunshine from dawn to dusk even if the clarity of the air was of the highest. So I reckon totals of over 93% can’t be far off the maximum, and yesterday the visibility and clarity of the air across Scotland were superb. So the 13.7 hours of sunshine at Kinloss although the same duration as that at Stornoway, was slightly higher as a percentage (93.8) of the possible (theoretical) maximum (93.8) than was Stornoway (93.4).

North-south split

Take note that for once Shoeburyness, one of the sunniest places in the UK, and very rarely for there, reported 0.0 hours of sunshine yesterday.

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