May 2019: Near average temperature, rainfall and sunshine

Some years ago I put some computer code together to generate an automatic headline for the weather in any region for any month. I just worked out the centiles for temperature, rainfall and sunshine and linked them up to a number of “if else” statements. Surprisingly I’ve found that you very rarely see an average month for all these elements, but May 2019 was such a month across the UK, I’ve obviously still got some work to do to remove the alliteration when this happens! Here’s a look at the latest statistics for May 2019 from the Met Office’s gridded climate data.

Data courtesy of the UKMO

May’s are getting gradually warmer across the UK. It depends how long back you take the trend, but if you use all the data its only slight, but if you take a trend for the last 30 years its much steeper.

Temperature – data courtesy of the UKMO

There’s been very little change in the total precipitation for May in the last 109 years over the UK.

Rainfall – data courtesy of the UKMO

But with sunshine totals there has been a steady increase since 1929 across the UK.

Sunshine – data courtesy of the UKMO

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