May 2019 temperature and MSLP anomalies

Anomaly charts for a period of a month like these for mean temperature and MSLP don’t always give a true indication of how either have been during a month as was the case in May 2019. The first half of the month was very anticyclonic across the British Isles before turning much more cyclonic. Likewise, a cold start to the month was cancelled out by above average temperatures for the rest of the month. The mean northerly isallobaric flow across the north of the UK does give some indication of how much colder it was here than further south, although temperature anomalies don’t show any sign of that. This is no doubt due to the coarseness of the 2×2° NCEP reanalysis data I use.

May 2019
May 2019 (still got to fix the misaligned text in the titles)
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