May 2021 – Latest 12 month rainfall stats

Despite the dry April across all regions the latest gridded regional (UKP) precipitation twelve month accumulations show that the North of Scotland (98.5%) is still the only region with a below average total in the last year, whilst the Northwest of England and North of Wales were the wettest, running at a very wet 134.2% of the 1981-2020 LTA.

Annual rainfall across England and Wales since 1931 is up by 9.8% in the last ninety years.

2 thoughts on “May 2021 – Latest 12 month rainfall stats”

  1. For some reason I’m surprised at the increase as for some reason I seem to think we’re getting less rainfall than we used to. Perhaps it’s wishful thinking or just an age thing! It would be interesting to see how each season has varied over the years

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