Meanwhile in Spain…

18-06 Minimum temperatures
11 January 2020

After the record snowfall in Madrid last week, Spain last night saw what must have been one of the coldest nights for a very long time I would imagine. I notice a few new SYNOP stations in these observations from OGIMET especially around Madrid and the central plain. I apologise for not putting out a graphic before for last week’s snow, but the Spanish don’t seem overly keen on reporting snow depths in their SYNOPs, possibly because most winters they see very little of it. I’ve added a plotted grid of observations from Madrid airport, which did report one snow depth of 10 cm, and a thermograph for the last 96 hours to show how cold it can get there in winter. Having said that Madrid is the highest capital in Europe and the airport is at 663 M amsl which does help.

Thermograph – Madrid
Plotted observations – Madrid
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