Medicane in the Med?

There are reports that a low to the southeast of Sicily in the Mediterranean sea may evolve into a ‘medicane’ as it tracks northeast towards Greece towards the weekend. At the moment there was only a single ship in the area on the 06 UTC chart (DIX12), which unfortunately failed to report at o9 UTC. The missing Libyan SYNOPS at 06 UTC didn’t help, but reappeared at 09 UTC. Without ship reports, which are becoming rarer than rocking horse droppings these days, there is now way to gauge what’s happening at the surface. Luckily we do have NWP and satellite imagery to look at which does show a rather impressive cyclone with lots of heavy rain mixed up in it. SST across the Mediterranean are certainly high enough to fuel a medicane.

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This feature is obviously one to watch over the coming days.

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