Met Office conjure up an amber alert for Sunday!

The Met Office have now added an amber warning for Sunday for the southeast coast of England. Call me a cynic if you like, but I did suggest this might happen in the article I wrote yesterday Hoist by their own petard. I have no doubt that gusts of this magnitude are possible, but I think the main reason this amber warning has been conjured up is as much to salving their own conscience and getting them out of a fix because they named storm Ciara far too early when they only had yellow warnings for it. I was going to add that it might have been better to have let Met Eireann issue their own orange warning for this event which would have triggered the storm naming, but after just checking on their website, I notice that rather strangely they seem to be making do with a yellow alert for Sunday. You can’t make this up, you really can’t.

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