Met Office have to extend scale to cater for February’s record rainfall anomalies

It look like the Met Office have had done a hasty rejig of their rainfall anomaly scale to cater for values greater than 400% in the record wettest February of 2020. They have done this by spreading the colours they use by increasing the steps from 25% to 50%. Hopefully this is just a temporary fix, because what I think they should have stuck with their 25% steps and introduce seven new colours to extend the scale instead. This would certainly make the legend a lot bigger, but they have all the North Sea to put it in! That won’t be the end of what they’ll have to do, because either way if they do introduce a change to the scale then for the sake of uniformity they will have to regenerate all the other rainfall anomaly charts they produce. The anomaly scale looks like just another casualty caused by our climate getting warmer and wetter.

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