Met Office to free up all its NWP data

In an unprecedented move the Met Office have decided to make all their NWP data available freely to the public in much the same way that the Americans have done with their GFS model. The news came as a large pink pig was reported to have made a successful landing at nearby Exeter airport. A spokesperson for the Met Office who would rather remain anonymous said this morning:

We’ve finally given into pressure to release the NWP data we produce to the people of the UK who actually pay for it. The other thing is that so few people actively use and see it these days we thought that it would be a good idea to make it available before someone notices. The only people that do seem to use it around these days is the guy in the corner who does the gale warnings, and Alex Deakin who much prefers the ECMWF model anyway.

Anonymous Spokesperson

One of the single biggest critics of the Met Office and it’s policy to hide all it’s NWP data away is the blogger xmetman, a former disgruntled employee, who just keeps harping on about the good old days. When we contacted him this morning he was over the moon about the decision, and told us that he was already busy writing an application to download and visualise the NWP data, he went on to add:

This is a great day not only for me, but for all amateur meteorologists across the country. We finally have a model that we can proudly call our own – even though it’s not quite as good as the European one – it’s still British! No longer will we have to go cap in hand to other Met Services and put up with American or German NWP data. On a day like this anything seems possible!

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