A bit blowyGale or severe gales with gusts of 70 knots (Scotland only)
A bit more in the way of...
A change in wind directionVeer/back
A drier dayLess wet than yesterday
A fair bit of cloud aroundRather cloudy
A fairly decent kind of dayFair
A little bit soggyWet
A lot of clear skies aroundLong clear spells (Braine)
A lot of cloud aroundCloudy (Braine)
A mucky rush hourA wet morning
A rash of showersOccasional showers
And that's ya' forecastNo, that was your forecast (Fawkes)
Arctic bla(r)stNortherly airstream
At the very bestMaximum temperature
BatterUsed to describe any kind of named storm
Beast from the eastEasterly
Best of the sunshineSunniest place
Best of the temperaturesBest? really in these days of AGW - are highest temperatures really the best?
Best of the weather
Bits and pieces of rainOccasional rain
Blow that rain away?
Blustery windsFresh or strong winds?
BreezyModerate wind
Brighter breaksSunny intervals
Brisk windsA fresh breeze (Beaufort force 5)
ChillCool or Cold
Chilly sideCool or cold
Chilly start
Climate changeClimate crisis
Clockwise windsCyclonic
Cloud bubbling upConvection
Cloud buildingTurning cloudy
Cloud melting awayCloud dispersing
Cloud starts to build from the west ahead of the frontSurely convective shower cloud builds but frontal cloud thickens?
Continues it's descent southMoves south
CoolTemperatures below average or rather cold
Cool frontA trendy term for a cold front (Schafernaker)
Decent dayDry and fair
Decent weatherDry and fair
Disappointing temperaturesCold or below average
Double digit temperatures>=10°C
Double figuresTemperatures 10°C or higher
Drift its way northwardMoves slowly north (Lear)
Drifts southwardsMoves south
Driving rainModerate/heavy rain
Dying outA period of rain or snow coming to an end
EaseWinds or showers dying out
East west splitContrasting weather between west and east (Fish)
Eastern zoneEastern England and Scotland
Factor in the strength of the windWind chill
Fair amount of sunshine around
Fairly brightSunny intervals
Fast moving ribbon of wind high up in the atmosphereJet stream
Feeding there way in
Feeling coldCold
Feeling cooler due to the windNo the temperature will be exactly the same
Feeling warmWarm
Feels likeWind chill
Fizzle (out)A period of rain or snow coming to an end
FlurriesOccasional snow showers
Flurries of sleet or snowA sleet flurry? You'll be lucky
For manyBut not for all
For some...Everywhere bar the north of Scotland
For the majorityThe southeast of England
From the word goDawn? (Kettley)
Front dies a deathFrontolysis
Global warmingGlobal heating
Global warming skepticGlobal heating denier
Good spells of sunshineSunny spells
Grass frostGround frost
Great mass of cloudUsually a developing frontal system in a satellite picture (Giles)
Gustywinds moderate occasionally fresh or strong
Hard frostModerate or severe frost who knows!
Hefty showerModerate shower
Here are the numbersTemperatures (Corbett)
High pressure in chargeAnticylonic situation
Highs of 21Maximum temperature 21°C (Corbett)
Hills in ScotlandUnlike further south many of the hills are in fact mountains
HitUsed to describe any kind of named storm
Hit and miss showersScattered showers
In any decent spells of sunshinesAs opposed to an indecent spell
In old moneyDegrees Fahrenheit (Corbett)
Increasingly cloudyClouding over
It's all change
It's not going to be very warmCold
Keen windFresh or strong
Keep a close eye on thatSee what the next run of the model looks like?
Largely dryAs opposed to largely wet
LashUsed to describe wind and rain
Light frostSlight frost
Lose the heatTurning cooler
Lose the rainTurning dry
Lots of cloud aroundCloudy
Lots of isobarsVery strong gradient
Lots of sunshine aroundSunny spells
Lovely spells of sunshineSunny spells
Low cloud dragged in off the North SeaHaar down the east coast
Low pressure firmly in chargeA cyclonic situation
Low single figures0 to 5°C ??
Low starting to fizzleFilling
Making its wayMoving
Many placesBut not necessarily where you are
Messy chart/situationWhen the weathercaster has a more complicated forecast than usual to present
Meteorological AutumnThe one used by climate statisticians because they can only divide by 3
Mist and murkMisty
Most placesNot some places
North south splitThe weather in the north will be markedly different from in the south (Fish)
NortherenNorth (Kirkwood)
Not a cold nightMild
Not amounting to very muchMainly dry (Giles)
Not feeling very warmCold (weathercasters aversion to use the word 'cold' never fails to amaze me)
Not much in the way of sunshineOvercast
Not particularly warmCold
Not wall to wall sunshineSunny intervals
Nuisance showerScattered light showers
On the cool sideTemperatures below average
Other areasAnywhere apart from the southeast
Our weather front continues its journey sinking southwardsFront moves south
Outbreaks of rainOccasional rain
Part two of the weekendSunday
Patchy cloudVariable cloud
Patchy fogFog patches
Patchy frostUgh
Patchy rainOccasional rain
PeakMaximum temperature
Pick up a brisk windWinds will strengthen
Pinch of frostTouch of frost
Pockets of frostPerhaps an improvement on a patchy equivalent (Bett)
Pretty breezyModerate or fresh
Pretty chillyCold
PulsesOf rain
PummelUsed to describe any kind of named storm
Punchy showersHeavy showers
Pushes its way eastwardMoves east
Rain fizzlingRain dying out
Say goodbye to that weather frontGoodbye weather front
ScorchioHot (Kirkwood)
Sharp frostModerate or severe frost who knows
Sharp showerModerate perhaps heavy shower
Showers breaking out
Showers fadingShowers dying out
Showers start to fade
Single figure temperaturesLess than 10°C
Sinking southMoving south
Sinks its way downMove south (Kirkwood)
SlamUsed to describe any kind of named storm
Sleety showersShowers of rain and snow
Sliding its way
SmashUsed to describe any kind of named storm
Snow on the hillsWhy not "snow above 300 metres" which would at least be a little more informative
Some placesNot most places
SoutherenSouth (Kirkwood)
Spilling south/north/east/westMoving southward
Spits and spotsOccasional rain
Splashes of rainOccasional rain
SprinklesLight showers (Schafernaker)
Squeeze a few showers
StormyStrong to gale force winds
StruckUsually used to describe any kind of storm
Stubborn cloudRemaining overcast
Summit snowDifferent but a snow level would be preferable
Sunshine becoming hazyTurning cloudy
Temperatures (really) strugglingCold
Temperatures a bit subduedDepressed temperatures (Lear)
Temperatures dip
Temperatures in low single figuresIs that 1 or 2°C or could it be -8 or -9°C?
Temperatures no great shakesCold (Kettley)
Temperatures pretty disappointing for the time of yearCold
Temperatures reaching the mid teens16°C
Temperatures remaining in double figures10°C or higher
Temperatures responding accordinglyDiurnal warming
That's ya' forecastNo, that was your forecast (Fawkes)
The bulk of the countryEverywhere except Scotland
The feel of thingsHow warm it is
The first part of the weekendSaturday (Danaos)
The lion's share of the sunshine
The second part of the weekendSunday (Danaos)
The white stuffSnow
Tightly packed isobarsVery strong gradient
Top temperaturesMaximum temperatures (Lear)
Turning increasingly blusteryWinds will strengthen
Turning to snow over the hillsUsually it's not turning to snow, it's already falling as snow, and has been all along
Usable rainLight rain (Lear)
Useable weatherA Learism but what it means I haven't a clue
We could see 25°CTemperatures could be as high as 25°C (it's hard to see temperature)
We could see 40 mm of rainThere could be as much as 40 mm of rain (hard to see rainfall totals)
We switch wind directionsThe wind either veers or backs - but because they think the viewers won't understand the word 'veer' they prefer to use switch
We'll lose the showersShowers petering out
We're changing the wind directionLike Gods they can command the winds!
We're looking at...Who knows? (Kirkwood)
Weak sunny spellsFor use in places close to the Arctic circle perhaps
Weather bombExplosive cyclogenesis
Where temperatures should beAverage
Winds all over the placeVariable winds
Winds going anti-clockwiseAnticyclonic
Winds switch directionVeer or back
WindyFresh to strong winds
Wint(e)ry mixWhen weathercaster don't know if it's going to rain, sleet or snow
Wint(e)ry showersWhen weathercaster don't know if it's going to rain, sleet or snow
WinterinessHail, sleet or snow?
Work it's wayRain will move in
Workable weatherI don't have a clue (Lear)

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