Presenter speakReal Meaning
A change in wind directionVeer/back
A drier dayIt can only be wet or dry, or is that less rainfall?
A lot of clear skies aroundClear spells
A lot of cloud aroundCloudy
And that's ya' forecastNo, I think it was yours
Arctic blarstNortherly airstream
Beast from the eastEasterly
Best of the sunshineSunniest place
Best of the temperaturesBest? really in these days of AGW - Highest temperature
BreezyModerate wind
Climate changeClimate crisis!
Clockwise winds Cyclonic
Cloud bubbling upConvection
Cloud buildingTurning cloudy
Decent spells of sunshine aroundWhat about the indecent ones?
Double digit temperatures>=10°C
East west split
Fast moving ribbon of wind high up in the atmosphereJet stream
Feels likeWind chill
From the word go
Front dies a deathFrontolysis
Global warmingGlobal heating
Global warming skepticGlobal heating denier!
Grass frostGround frost
Great mass of cloud
Here are the numbersTemperatures
High pressure in chargeAnticylonic situation
Hills in ScotlandUnlike further south many of the hills are in fact mountains
In old moneydegrees Fahrenheit
Keep a close eye onSee what the next run of the model looks like
Light frostSlight frost
Lots of isobars/ tightly packed isobarsVery strong gradient
Low cloud dragged in of the North SeaHaar down the east coast
Low starting to fizzleFilling
Mist and murkMisty
Most placesNot some places
Murray FirthMoray Firth
Not much in the way of sunshineOvercast
Not really amounting to very muchOccasional rain
Not wall to wall sunshineSunny intervals
Patchy rainOccasional rain
Punchy showersHeavy showers
Rain fizzlingRain dying out
Single figure temperaturesLess than 10°C
Sinking southMoving south
Sleety showersShowers of rain and snow
Snow on the hillsWhy not "snow above 300 metres" which would at least be a little more informative
Some placesNot most places
Splashes of rainOccasional showers
SprinklesLight showers
StormyStrong to gale force winds
Stubborn cloudRemaining overcast
Sunshine becoming hazyTurning cloudy
Temperatures in low single figuresIs that 1 or 2°C or could it be -8 or -9°C?
Temperatures no great shakesTemperatures near average
Temperatures reaching the mid teens16°C
Temperatures remaining in double figures10°C or higher
Temperatures responding accordinglyWarming quickly
Temperatures strugglingCool or cold
The white stuffSnow
Top tempearatureMaximum temperature
Turning to snow over the hillsUsually it's not turning to snow, it's already falling as snow, and has been all along
We're looking at...Are we?
Weather bombExplosive cyclogenesis
Winds all over the placeVariable wind
Winds going anti-clockwiseAnticyclonic
WindyFresh to strong winds