Meteogroup all in a dither

Courtesy of UKMO

The Met Office didn’t update their yellow warning for strong winds for Thursday over England and Wales this morning. Judging by the gradients around the low I was fully anticipating they would cancel it. Low Clara looks pretty innocuous at 996 hPa, and it’s difficult to see it producing gusts of 70 mph, outside Capel Curig that is. Nevertheless the Met Office are sticking to their guns with this one, which may be because they don’t altogether trust their own NWP forecasts.

Courtesy of Met Office

What about Meteogroup?

I had always thought that Meteogroup were obliged to mention any severe weather warnings issued by the Met Office in their forecasts when they initially took over the contract at the BBC. There aren’t exactly doing that at the moment, and seem to be dithering about an event that’s less than 24 hours away. There appears to be little agreement between them and the UKMO about what low Clara is going to do overnight. It seems that spending more and more money on the next generation of supercomputer with all their teraflops of calculations is not the solution for getting the forecast right for days like tomorrow.

Courtesy of BBC
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