Meteogroup really have to swap models

Courtesy BBC

Whatever NWP model Meteogroup are using on BBC Scotland weather at 6.55 pm it’s just as out of synch as it was in their 1.40 pm lunchtime broadcast. The well defined edge to the snow is much further northeast in the weather radar than in the NWP frame for 19 UTC, as is the main core of the band of precipitation. Light snow has been falling in Strathpeffer since 1730 UTC to add to the snow that fell on Monday, it may be come as a shock to Christopher Blanchett but we are only 40 M amsl in our part of the village where temperatures only just managed to rise above zero late this afternoon. So much for “snow primarily on the hills” from Darren Bett yesterday and “they’ll be a little bit of snow over the higher ground” from Sarah Keith Lucas this morning. It’s a good job the Met Office have been on the ball with this one, because Meteogroup certainly haven’t.

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