Meteogroup’s use of satellite imagery

Courtesy of the BBC

The image Tomasz Schafernaker opened his lunchtime forecast with has to be an NWP generated pseudo satellite image, because it’s already come adrift from the reality of the situation. There’s a spiral of upper cloud to the west of Valentia, but whatever NWP model Meteogroup are using has way overdone this feature. Neither can I see the large area of low cloud that’s currently pluming southward across the North Sea. Tomasz mentions in passing the low cloud that’s affecting the southwest of England, but not the haar that’s affecting the coasts of Aberdeenshire, the Moray Firth or Lincolnshire. The image he uses also fails to pick out any of the convective cloud that’s rapidly developing across the high ground of Wales, Dartmoor and Exmoor. Why don’t Meteogroup simply use hi-res visible satellite image so we can see for ourselves what’s happening?

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