Mid June report

The first thing I can say about the circulation in the first half of June 2020 is that if it had been a January it would have been one hell of a cold and snowy one, well and truly blocked in mid Atlantic, with +12 hPa anomalies dragging the reluctant Azores high northward. The warmth of the second week seems to have more or less cancelled out the cold of the first week across IONA. The Mediterranean remains colder than normal with the above average warmth again across Scandinavia.

It’s been a real roller-coaster ride if you live in Finland as regards temperatures in the last year – and so it continues. I sometimes forget than Scandinavia is also a part of Europe, and that Europe is part of the the great continent of Asia. After a cold May, June decided to warm up like it did during the winter and early spring.

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