All we’re missing now is a cherry on the top

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There is an interesting mix of warnings across northern England at the moment. A base layer of yellow for snow and ice, with a middle layer of amber for heavy snow, topped with another yellow layer along the Pennines for heavy rain and rapid thaw later today. I’m still waiting for the red warning so that the UK looks more like an iced bun with a cherry on the top, who knows, maybe it’ll happen during this cold spell.

As rain pushes northeast and comes into contact with cold air, it will readily turn to snow away from eastern coastal districts. 1-3 cm of snow is likely across some low ground, with 5-10 cm in places across southern Scotland and above 150 m over northern England. 20 cm of snow could affect the highest level routes (above 300-400m), where drifting and temporary blizzard conditions may occur. Snow is likely to to turn to rain later on Tuesday across much of northern England. As well as snow, some freezing rain is possible for parts of northern England. Should this occur widespread icy stretches would form.

012200 -022359

An area of snow is expected to move north across northern England during Tuesday morning before easing and clearing from the south into the early afternoon. 3-8 cm of snow is likely across the area with 10-15 cm in places – mainly above 200 m.


Following earlier heavy snowfall, a period of heavy rain late Tuesday and overnight into early Wednesday will lead to a relatively rapid thaw. The combination of rain and melting snow may lead to some flooding.


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