More details on yesterday’s Norwegian foehn

Apparently the record highest January temperature of 19.0°C occurred at Sunndalsøra. This must be a special climate station with no WMO number and therefore no SYNOP observation. The nearest SYNOP station I could find was Marstein (#01232) with an 06-18 maximum yesterday of 17.8°C, it’s further southwest than Sunndalsøra, and as you will notice from the thermograph the temperatures are a little lower there today! It’s interesting that the temperature measured by the AWS on top of the nearby mountain (# 01320 Mannen) close to Marstein (1294 metres) has hardly changed in the last 36 hours. These effects must go on all the time in mountainous areas of the world, but it’s only when they break a temperature record that the effect of the foehn wind is highlighted.

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