More heavy overnight rain

Radar rainfall estimates
25 mm grey threshold – colour scale 2

The rain on the Velux woke me up so early this morning (3 am), so I thought that I would fire up the Quattro and have a look at the situation and calculate rainfall totals since 08 UTC the time that the last yellow warning from the Met Office expired. I have added a 25 mm filter to the output and only plot in colour totals above 25 mm. As you can see these coloured pixels are mostly confined to the highest ground with maximum estimated totals already getting close to 50 mm in 18 hours or so, this combined with the day before will make for totals well in excess of 200 mm over the last couple of days as you can see in this next chart. I’ll just warn you the colour scheme is different because I’ve had to use ny extended scale and I’ve set the grey filtering threshold to 50 mm and plotted totals from midnight on Monday night. I notice that it’s just started raining in the SE of England has the low proper from storm Barbara starts to develop.

Rainfall radar estimates
50mm grey threshold – colour scale 1
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