More on that missed warning…

I can’t conclusively say there was no warning issued for Grampian for overnight Friday into Saturday, but as the crafty Met Office don’t bother to archive any of the warnings they issue, it’s impossible to say either way. At any rate it looks like the overnight totals of 60 mm plus totals I estimated in the article I posted yesterday where close to the mark from the looks of these images and video clip from BBC news (even news up here comes the day after it happened). I watched the BBC weather forecast on Friday at least three times through the day, and the heavy rain that moved up from the south and affected much of Grampian and the Moray Coast was never mentioned, the reason why I know it wasn’t mentioned is because the BBC presenters never mentioned the weather in Scotland – just the heavy rain and showers across England.

This is the third missed warning the UKMO have missed in my opinion in the last few weeks. The previous one was for heavy rain over Dumfries (22 September), before that a spell of strong winds across Northern Scotland and severe gales across the Shetland Isles (15 September) and which I didn’t document in this blog, also went without a by your leave.

I notice the Met Office now seem to have taken a different approach with warnings for strong winds around coasts and islands, they seem to be classifying them as coastal gales and disregard them as a warning if there are no gusts inland to 60 mph. Meanwhile Meteogroup on the BBC seem to be splashing black gust arrows across the charts, and talk about gust of 50 to 60 MPH which until this year always merited a yellow warning! It’s a funny old game Saint.


I have been reliably informed that the Met Office did indeed issue a yellow warning for rain early on Saturday morning for the northeast of Scotland for the period between 0507 and 1300. I apologise to the Met Office, and to the six people who read the article for me suggesting that they were anything less than perfect. I’m not going to say anything about why they issued a warning so late in the day, when the rain had been falling there since 9 pm on the previous evening.

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