More snow for Aberdeenshire

0930 UTC Weather Radar

Snow showers from the North Sea are now streaming into Aberdeenshire, and by the looks of it are penetrating a long way inland, but most of them look fairly light at the moment. Don’t get the idea that it’s completely bone dry further to the northwest, as you may remember the Stornoway radar has been u/s for the last fortnight. Apparently snow depths were close to 50 cm on Friday in Braemar, lucky them, they seemed to have been rather greedy and taken all the snow we never saw in Strathpeffer. Apparently the record of 68 cm there in 2001 could be in danger according to Sean Batty, but he thinks the 91 cm record depth at Balmoral in 1960 is safe.

Originally tweeted by Sean Batty (@SeanBattyTV) on 5 February 2021.

Here are the estimated accumulations of precipitation since midnight on Thursday. Again forget the spurious totals on the edges of the Aberdeen radar, I reckon the the 50.5 mm estimate for Dingwall for example is much closer to 5 mm. The Braemar estimated total of 24.7 mm should be fine though, being less than 59 miles from the Aberdeen Radar on the Hill of Dudwick, as opposed to over 93 miles to Strathpeffer. If you reckon a rough approximation of a centimetre of snow for each millimetre of precipitation, 25 cm may look rather low, but don’t forget the recent snow event started as early as Tuesday lunchtime in this part of Aberdeenshire, and there was already snow on the ground from the previous week.

Estimated accumulations from weather Radar

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