More troughs in the forecast

Chris Fawkes seems to have got a bee in his bonnet about troughs in his forecasts at the moment. Today he has identified yet another one, this time arcing across the southwest of England and Wales (he seems to be allergic to anything that’s happening north of the border), adding that some of the shower clouds are topping out at 30,000 feet. Why his trough doesn’t align in anyway with the showers in his weather radar chart is a bit of a moot point, the other one being that the UKMO analysed the feature as a very short occlusion at 06 UTC this morning. He doesn’t just stop there, forget the cold front across Scotland tomorrow, he’s found another trough! This time it’s across eastern England, despite the fact that it’s more or less aligned along the isobars. I think Mr Fawkes has a career ahead of him working for the Met Office if he wants one, I can just see him down in Exeter working alongside Mr Occlusion.

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