More worrisome news about unseasonal heatwaves…

I couldn’t resist replying to this tweet from the Directorate-General for Defence Industry and Space at the Europe commision. I am an AGW agnostic but had to mention what I had found about the climate record for the new monthly extreme temperature reported at Abu Samra. As far as I can tell from my climate records the record at Abu Samra short and reports from the station only started appearing in recent years, and then only spasmodically in the SYNOP observations. It’s true that temperatures have been four or five degrees above the average in that part of the world for late May, but I certainly can’t produce a long term average for Abu Samra on the strength of just three years data.

It does highlight the larger problem of trying to verify news regarding global temperatures which are continually spoon fed to you in social media, and that problem is that it’s made next to impossible to do because much of the world’s climate data is either very difficult to access or deliberately withheld from you. Take the UKMO as a prime example of that, the only way that I know about temperatures in Qatar is not because of them, it’s because I download SYNOP data from the OGIMET server in Barcelona. Try getting the latest daily climate data from somewhere like Okehampton from the Met Office for the last few years and it’ll cost you big bucks.

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