Mosaic of warnings for snow and ice in Scotland

A mosaic – or perhaps that should be a crazy paving collection – of snow and ice warnings for Scotland this morning. This stands testimony to all that’s wrong with their current warnings system at moment. The fourth piece of the jigsaw was issued as late as 0350 UTC this morning by the Met Office, when it was quite obvious from the yesterdays model runs that I saw that anywhere in Scotland was at risk of a frost and possible further snow overnight. I may be wrong, but it looks to me that the software they use to generate warnings has been improved to allow them to generate a mosaic like this instead of overlaying warning areas on top of another like they have in the past.

Courtesy of Met Office

I can’t understand why the Chief just didn’t issue a blanket (pardon the pun) warning for the whole of central and northern Scotland, instead of getting caught up in the minutia of trying to delineate which area would see snow and which ice. It’s all very pretty but I would think a lot of people would find it rather confusing and unnecessary.

Addendum 1035 UTC

I notice that all the snow and ice warnings will be out of force by 11 UTC this morning. I wonder what the Exeter chief thinks the precipitation from this feature will fall as later this morning across central parts of Scotland?

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