Mountain Webcams

I was looking at what webcams were available for the various ski resorts around Scotland to gauge the level of snow cover in any on the mountains this morning, and was pleasantly surprised to find not only by the number of webcams, but also by the quality of the images they were returning when compared to just a few years ago, when you were lucky if you got a low resolution 320 x 240 image. The webcam that provides the above image of the view across loch Morlich towards Cairngorm and it’s northern corries is absolutely splendid, although I don’t think today is the ideal kind of day for making sandcastles I’m afraid, with the snow level having lowered to around 2,000 feet. I did think of sending the link to Ben Rich down at the BBC but then thought better of it. Here are a couple of further examples of other webcams scattered across Scotland.

I’ve added a webcam menu to the xmetman main page, but I think it maybe that the URL link to the images may not refresh which is down to a WordPress caching issue.

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