Mr Occlusions been at it again

Courtesy DWD, UKMO & NOAA

Just when you thought that the analysis couldn’t be any simpler, cold front coming down from the north introducing Arctic maritime air, Mr Occlusion down in Exeter comes along and manages to insert a couple of prefrontal occlusions and a second cold front into the mix. Analysis charts seem to have become as rare as rocking horse droppings on the internet these days, but I did manage to find a couple of examples of the 06 UTC analysis from the DWD and NOAA to see how their forecasters saw it. Why complicate things? As far as I can see these occlusions are bands of upper cloud and the second cold front gradations of surface temperature. The first occlusion has been marked as frontolysing – if there is such a word – for the last 42 hours how long does it take a front to die? Here’s the 10 UTC visible satellite image for you to figure out what’s there and whats not.

10 UTC 4 April 2021

3 thoughts on “Mr Occlusions been at it again”

    1. I’ll bookmark that one Julian.
      The trouble is with both Met Eireann and the Dutch is they both suck up to the UKMO for some reason (possibly to get access to UKMO model data) unlike Meteo France and the DWD.
      That pact reminds me of when the UK formed EFTA (which surprisingly still exists) when De Gaulle kept saying ‘non!’.
      Some of the analyses that I’ve seen from the UKMO would have Jacob Bjerknes spinning in his grave.

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