Much of a muchness

Courtesy of Twitter

I see Scotia Myopia is still alive and kicking down in Exeter. As far as I know you are allowed to use 280 characters in a Tweet these days – so why leave out the northwest Highlands and Islands? I wouldn’t mind so much if the statement they made was accurate, but as far as yesterday goes it wasn’t. Yesterday was the first sunny day that we had up here in five days which is worth a Tweet from the Met Office in it’s own right. Since moving back to Scotland I’ve come to realise just how excluded you can be made to feel by just a few words in a weather forecast. It’s no wonder that Shetlanders feel more akin to the Norwegians in this supposedly United Kingdom that we live in.

Much is a bit of a strange word and it’s often used in weather forecasts to exclude places that are seeing cloud, heat or rain when most other places are not. I personally would like to see its use banned in weather forecasts because it’s such an easy, and very lazy way of excluding whole geographic areas where people live and have made their home. It’s been used extensively this week in written forecasts for Scotland and by weathercasters on TV and I had to vent my spleen somehow.

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