Naming storms is getting so confusing

Apparently the low that zipped across southern parts yesterday and affected France was storm Fabien (and which the Berlin Institute of Meteorology named low Ailton), this followed storm Elsa on Wednesday which impacted on Spain and Portugal. I totally missed storm Elsa on Wednesday because in my ignorance I was looking for a deep depression, which to me equates to a storm, rather than a swathe of strong to gale force winds. To be fair the definition of a storm is quite broad:-

Courtesy of the AMS

Because each country now names storms they are popping up each winter with increasing frequency. That’s fine if you’re only interested in one particular country such as France or Spain, but storms know no boundaries, and because they can track across multiple countries it can become confusing and impossible to keep track of them. Not only that but I’m sure the criteria each country use in their naming process is slightly different, as ours are with the agreement with Met Eireann.

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