NE Scotland set to get clobbered again

This weeks rainfall
Courtesy of and the ECMWF

I was always told in geography lessons as a child at school that the prevailing winds across our green and pleasant land (forget about the Windscale fire of 1957) were southwesterly. I’ve started to question that fact after emigrating to the north of Scotland and seeing days on end of winds bowing out of the north or northeast. I’m writing this epistle with a big thick jumper on because it’s still so cold in the house and next week it’s June! We were told by the once owner of the house, a man now in his late eighties, that as a child they went outside to get warm – and I can quite believe him! Next week exemplifies the kind of weather that we’ve seen so often recently, a low crosses the country as its occluding fronts grind to a halt across the northeast of Scotland. All I can hope is that the model has it wrong, but at this range (T+60) there’s not much chance of that. What’s happened to the southwesterlies this year?

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