Never rely on a taped forecast

Courtesy of the Met Office

A classic from Sophie Yeomans down in Exeter in today’s video forecast. She obviously has an acute case of Scotia Myopia when lumps Highland Scotland into the picture she paints of temperatures across the country as “not doing too bad for this time of year”. She prefers to put her trust in the forecast NWP temperatures for “towns and cities”, which can be dangerous because this is a taped forecast from the previous evening for the next day. Observational data from this morning indicate that these temperatures are even more misleading than they usually are for many inland places across Highland Scotland, and even at 11 UTC this morning many places are still well below freezing. I can’t understand why the Met Office continue this practice of taping the next days video forecast, especially when the central forecasting office is manned 24/7.

Temperatures may not be “doing too bad” further south across southeast England, but that’s definitely not the case further north as you can see in these 12 UTC anomalies.

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