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I have decided to create a new WordPress blog exclusively for news and information about the Central England Temperature series. As many of you know, CET has been a passion of mine for many years, and in that time I have had a number of websites I developed to display graphs and tables about the series, but never until now a WordPress blog. I decide to use the original URL that I last used over ten years ago, it’s a little long winded, but or had both gone. The new website will feature all articles and investigations that I dream up rather than the blog from now on. It hardly seems fair to me that a guy who has written more than most about the CET series over the years, and dare I say it with a passion that’s unequalled, should be languishing in #98 when you Google ‘Central England Temperature’! I did think that using a URL that most people would do a search on would give me a distinct advantage – well did it hell. Many years ago when you did a Google search for CET, my old site came back as #1 in the search results, the web is a whole different place these days of course, now that search engines have been monetized. All I can do is it make sure that my sitemap.xml is in order and the robots.txt file is not missing, and see how it goes from here. With your help who knows, I might be able to climb a little higher in the search ratings. To tempt you to take a look, I have added a couple of interactive graphs of the latest daily and monthly series. You may have seen them before. I use the excellent Highcharts Javascript API to write them in and I’ve just spent a couple of days refitting them to work with the latest release of the API on a WordPress site. Use this link to check out the site, and these links to try the monthly and daily interactive graphs.

Here are some of the recent posts that I have migrated across to the new site.

  • Correlation between UK gridded and central England temperatures
  • Hot summers in Central England
  • June temperatures in central England little changed since 1659
  • Site under construction
  • The unusual month of December 1786
  • Why do some months warm faster and others don’t?
  • A new look at Central England Temperatures
  • May 2020
  • Spring 2020
  • Monthly, seasonal and annual league tables
  • Monthly CET
  • Professor Gordon Manley

I won’t be posting regular articles about the CET series on xmetman from now on, so why not subscribe to the new website, and keep track of what I, and the CET series has been up to.

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