New March record of 1051.3 hPa at Malin Head

I guessed correctly because as far as I can see Malin Head pipped Tiree to the highest March MSLP in March. At 11 UTC this morning the pressure there was 1051.3 hPa or 31.04″ of mercury. This is the fourth highest pressure ever recorded across the British Isles according to the list maintained by Stephen Burt. The pressure today was a little higher than the 1050.1 hPa that occurred on the 20th of January this year at Yeovilton (I’m ignoring the 1050.5 from the Mumbles lighthouse and the 1050.4 from Sennybridge because they both look a little suspect). This year is doing rather well as far as intense anticyclones are concerned, and this coming week we can expect an even higher central pressure of 1065 hPa close to Baffin Island if this T+120 forecast proves correct.

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