Nick Miller – best of the bunch

Many of you will know I don’t have a lot of time for the weathercasters on TV either male or female. But if I had to choose the best of the bunch I think it would have to be Nick Miller on the BBC – I nearly said the best of a bad bunch but that would be mean! He certainly is a very smart and professional presenter, and reminds me of forecasters of old such as Jack Scott or Bill Giles. Regionally I quite like David Braine who appears on Spotlight southwest but he’s not without his faults, but the most likeable of the regional forecasters to me has to be Seán Batty who presents the weather on Scottish Television, who as well as well as being very likeable also has a good knowledge of the weather of Scotland and in meteorology in general.

Courtesy of the BBC

Even though I like him he is not beyond criticism! I don’t like the term ‘sharp’ he used in connection with the severity of frosts in coming nights this lunchtime, why not use a more precise term such as slight, moderate or even severe?

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