No crowing from Carol

Courtesy of the BBC

I watched Carol Kirkwood presentation this morning and noticed there was little crowing about this warm spell of weather, especially it being the first after such a cold April and May. Infact her presentation was notably subdued for a Bank Holiday Monday and the two presenters were getting more excited about the weather. Rather bizarrely for a girl who hails from the Highlands she started with a table of current temperatures to illustrate that Achnagart was 2°C warmer than Swansea !? She could have just as easily started with a table that showed that Achnagart was once again the warmest place in IONA yesterday with 24°C – so why didn’t she? It will be interesting to see how she reacts if somewhere in the southeast is the warmest place later this week. Here’s a more appropriate table that she could have used.

And don’t get the idea from Carol’s table of temperatures that places in the Highlands have had some kind of leg up courtesy of high overnight minimum temperatures, quite the reverse. Yesterday the diurnal range at Altnaharra was a massive 22.2°C from a standing start of just 1.6°C making it the warmest and the coldest place in SYNOP stations in IONA. That climate statistic would have made a lot more interesting viewing than a table of 05 UTC temperatures!

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