No flies on the Met Office

There are no flies on the Met Office this week. Quick as a flash they’ve latched on to the main theme of this week’s weather, there’ve been some thunderstorms around! And just to let us know they issued a press release to confirm that this thundery spell, which may be news to them but which actually started on Saturday, will be going on for another couple of days. It’s reassuring to know and we can rest easy assured in the fact that they will never take their eye of the ball, or even the SFERICs display, well except perhaps on Sunday, when the ball went behind them.

Saturday and Sunday
Courtesy of Blitzortung
Monday and Tuesday
Courtesy of Blitzortung

It maybe that the Press Office have been furloughed for the last eleven weeks and they’ve just got back to their desks that they’ve just noticed this thundery spell. It’s no wonder that I’ve been banned from commenting on their news blog but I just couldn’t resist it.

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