No warnings for western Isles

Despite gusts of 66 mph at South Uist in the western Isles of Scotland at 13 UTC today, the UKMO have decided to exclude them and the rest of western Scotland from their yellow warning of strong winds from storm Bella. This is either because (a) the strength of the gusts to Beaufort force eleven have taken them completely by surprise, or more likely (b) they have assessed that any impact from gusts of such a magnitude are less likely to do any damage in this part of the world than they would if they occurred in the southwest of England. This is has something to do with what risk assessors like to call the “sheep factor”. If the sheep factor is higher than 1:1 (in the sheeps favor) in any particular region they don’t give a hoot about issuing a warning for tiles being blown of roofs or trees getting uprooted because it’s more likely to kill a sheep that it is one of the inhabitants.

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