North Atlantic cold blob turns warm

I have written so many articles about the cold blob in the North Atlantic in recent years that I thought that it had become an almost permanent feature of the SST charts – but not anymore. The cold blob usually warmed out during the summer months but never entirely disappeared, this year it’s gone a lot further than that and warmed out entirely and then some. Compare these two SST charts from this year and last.

I don’t know what’s caused this reversal in SST in that area, but warmer than average water seems to have displaced what was left of the cold blob and pushed it south of 50° north. Perhaps the blocked circulation patterns this summer has helped this warmer water ‘pool up’ as it has southwest of Iceland. What this means for our fast approaching autumn in the eastern Atlantic I can’t say, but logically you would have thought that whatever the cold blob encouraged to happen in the Atlantic development and circulation patterns last autumn and winter the absolute reverse will be true this year.

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