Nostradamus strikes again

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The southwesterly winds during the late evening of Boxing day and into Sunday are still forecast to be severe gale or even storm force across coastal regions of southwest England and Wales. The European and German higher resolution NWP models do seem to be showing higher peak gusts (extreme 84-85 knots) than either the French or American models are (extreme 64-70 knots). There is still a strong likelihood that this deep low and the winds it will generate could be labelled Storm Bella, this coupled with a once in four hundred year alignment of the gas giants Saturn and Jupiter, plus a Brexit deal and even more COVID-19 variants discovered, could a prove to be a portentous event for the coming year 2021 in the United Kingdom. I’m sure Michel de Nostredame, better known to many as Nostradamus, could well have described events like these in one of his prophecies about a raving Englishman with wild blonde hair taking on the might of Europe!

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