Not a word about the Shetland snow in the BBC forecasts

It does make you wonder if there is a red phone at Meteogroup HQ that is a direct hotline between them and the Great and powerful Oz down in Exeter. If there is it probably didn’t get used at all today because I’ve been monitoring the forecast from Stav on the BBC since lunchtime and he has never mentioned the 5 to 10 cm of snow that’s forecast in the yellow warning for the Northern Isles tomorrow. I did think that there was some kind of agreement that the BBC would still inform people about severe weather warnings – obviously that’s now fallen by the wayside. Stav looks a bit out of his depth with the weather today trying to convince us how much milder it is in the north when in fact it’s turned colder as the wind has veered back into the northwest this evening. The far north of the UK is very much on the tipping point for cold air in the coming week as less cold air tries to push north before being repulsed southwards again, and I don’t for one minute think that we’re out of the woods with cold weather.

What do you think?

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