Not quite Darren

Courtesy of the BBC

Scotland was the warmest place again in the UK again today, not only that the 25.1°C at Kinlochewe was the warmest day of the year so far across the whole UK and IONA come to that. Why Darren Bett thought that London was going to be the warmest place in the UK after what the comments he made in his lunchtime forecast makes little sense, especially as Scotland had been the warmest in two of the last three days. Perhaps he was hoping that the southeast would get a helping hand from a flow of warm air from off the continent like his colleagues thought.

Darren obviously hasn’t fully realised just how exceptionally high temperatures are across the north of Scotland where maximum anomalies today were widely in a range of 6°C to 8°C above average.

Let’s see how Darren does in his forecast for Tuesday in which he neglects to mention Scotland again.

Courtesy of the BBC

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  1. Robbie Royson

    So you finally coughed up for the access to the other Met Office stations then 😆

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