Not the warmest year? I know let’s make it the warmest decade!

The COP25 summit (the 25th Conference of the Parties) has started in Madrid and runs until the 13th of December to discuss the climate crisis. You can almost see how the brains of the headline writers around this event are thinking. My God, 2019 and it’s not going to be the warmest year on record globally! I know, let’s look at the last decade and switch the headlines to that! In the BBC article Matt McGrath must know very well that 2010-2019 is the warmest decade simply by adding up 10 numbers so I don’t know why he bothered to add the “almost certainly”, according to my DIY temperature series the last decade was +0.125°C warmer than the previous one.

Courtesy of the BBC

They would do better using a 365 day moving average, which unfortunately they don’t get with either the CRUTEM or GISTemp series, but you do get with my DIY global temperatures! At a glance you can see that globally we are still well below the exceptional warmth that peaked in 2016. But then again they wouldn’t like the precision this gives, because the people of the world have been programmed to expect year on year increases in global temperature. I agree that man may be doing his damndest to make the world a warmer place, but this doesn’t stop the natural climatic variation going on at the same time, and it’s difficult ne’er impossible to split the two.

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